Insurance Products

In addition to the Medicare plans, Kyle Insurance Services offers other insurance products that may assist you and your loved ones.

Dental, Vision and Hearing

These plans offer options of $1,000 - $1,500 in annual dental benefits and allow you to see any dentist. They also provide benefits for eye exams and glasses, hearing exams and hearing aids.

Life Insurance

Kent partners with several companies that offer term and whole life insurance for any need and in just about any amount.

Health Insurance

Whether or not you are on Medicare, Kent has many options for you and a plan that will include your doctor.


Fixed annuities offer tax deferred interest and safety. Usually these will offer a higher interest than your CDs. Visit with Kent to learn more about investment options.

Long-term Care Insurance

In addition to long-term care policies, Kent offers a new short-term, one-year benefit plan that is lower in premium and easier to qualify for.