Meet Kent

Kent Kyle was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri. Kent's wife Jerri Lynn, a native of Osceola, Missouri, is an instructor at Missouri State University. Kent is still in his hometown and Jerri Lynn isn't far from hers, so relatives on both sides are within an easy driving distance. They both love calling the Ozarks home and are happy to be raising a family in this area. Their son Adam is attending college and has recently joined Kyle Insurance Services. And daughter Morgan will soon graduate Kickapoo High School and head to college. 

At an early age Kent developed a love for the great outdoors. His family camped regularly when he was a child. As he grew up, he and his Dad spent a lot of time on the family farm, and together they shared a passion for hunting and fishing. Many weekends were spent together around a campfire on farmland near Ava or in the fishing boat on one of our area lakes. These outdoor excursions became a tradition for Kent and his dad, which Kent was proud to share with his own family. His entire family has a love for the outdoors, so many of these traditions continue. With pop-up camper in tow, the family regularly frequents campgrounds in southwest Missouri to enjoy hunting and fishing. Kent and Adam also spend a lot of time together around the campfire on that same piece of land that he and his dad used to visit.

As the Kyle children have gotten older, the times available for camping trips have lessened. Between school activities and jobs, family outings are squeezed in whenever there is a chance. However, there are some things the family will always find time for. A campfire at the farm and a drive through the countryside nearby are priorities a couple of times a year, even if it's only a day trip. The Kyle kids will never outgrow these things…especially Kent!