Enrollment Periods

Medicare Advantage

October 15 thru December 7

This is the annual enrollment period when you can submit an enrollment for a January 1 effective date.

January 1 thru March 31

You may make one plan change to another Medicare Advantage Plan.

Special Election Periods

There are 27 different events that may allow you to enroll at other times during the year. The most common are turning 65, disability, change of residence, and Medicaid eligibility.

Do you want to keep the coverage you have now for next year? If you are satisfied with your current plan, then you generally do not have to do anything. Your enrollment will continue with your current insurance company.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Guaranteed enrollment is available when you first become eligible for Medicare, and you may make a change to another insurance company at each annual renewal of your policy. Otherwise you may change at anytime subject to your health status. If you have enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan for the first time and decide that a Medicare Supplement plan is a better choice for you, you have 12 months from your Medicare Advantage enrollment to go back to a supplement plan without any health questions.

Prescription Drug Plans

Some people choose to buy a "stand alone" drug plan to go along with their Medicare Supplement plan. The enrollment period for these generally follow the same Medicare Advantage enrollment periods.