Meet Adam

Adam Kyle didn’t grow up with the dream to go into the family insurance business. Adam’s grandpa Jack Kyle envisioned an independent agency and started Kyle Insurance Services in 1950, making his dream a reality. Uncle Rick and Adam’s dad, Kent, both started in the industry when they were 18 years old and continue to serve clients all over the Ozarks. “Pappy Jack” passed away in 2006, but his legacy lives on through the continued service provided by his two wonderful sons.

As Adam entered college he began to realize the importance of choosing a career and how important career satisfaction is. Because he is very social and enjoys working with others, he knew whatever field he entered he needed to be able to interact and help others on a daily basis. Interacting and helping others is exactly what his dad does as a health and life insurance broker and Medicare and Medicare Supplement provider. Kent also very much enjoys what he does for a living and Adam has grown up observing this.

When Adam finished his sophomore year of college he decided he wanted the same satisfaction his dad has, took his licensing exams, and immediately began building his business. He began working part-time while finishing his BA in communication. In 2017, he graduated from Missouri State University with his degree. He has the benefit of being mentored by Uncle Rick and his father in what now has become a third generation agency providing care, service, and trust. When “Pappy Jack” moved to Springfield from Ava and took a chance on starting his own agency, little did he know his grandson would someday help carry on the tradition of helping people with their insurance needs. He would be proud!

Besides working at Kyle Insurance, Adam also enjoys bow hunting, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, video games, and he plays guitar in a jazz big band.  He and his fiance are both very active in the church and Adam  is currently training to become a pastor.

Although Adam didn’t grow up with the dream of being an insurance agent, he did dream of having a fulfilling job. As we grow and experience new things and see what’s out there in the world to grab, we also begin to see that which is right in front of us. This is exactly what happened to Adam. It just so happens that now the dream of a fulfilling job is being an insurance agent continuing the dream his grandpa had so many years ago.